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Growth Insights

Engineering Success as a Sales Leader

6/12/22 12:00 PM / by Alice Chandrasekaran posted in Business Intelligence, Productivity Acceleration, Revenue Acceleration

Most sales leaders were once top sales reps themselves!

In our work with many founders and ownership teams, we see a strong sales background with at least one person on the executive team - rainmakers who helped to build successful companies with relationships. 

However, now that you are a leader, you are required to have different skills on top of selling to ensure success. It can be stressful. It can be overwhelming. Your team's success depends on you. Your company's success depends on you. The reward is high -- and so is the stress!

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Digital Magenta Unveils the Growth Data™ Framework

3/22/21 4:50 PM / by Jennifer Aplin posted in Revenue Growth, Data, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Strategy, Productivity Acceleration

Proprietary Program Targets Revenue and Productivity Acceleration

Digital Magenta Inc., a consultancy specializing in unlocking the right data for revenue and productivity acceleration, is unveiling their Growth Data™ platform. Setting a new standard for how data can specifically drive revenue, it will support companies in leveraging the strong economic rebound on the horizon.

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