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Growth Insights

Why Your CRM Data is Stifling Your Growth

12/21/22 10:41 PM / by Alice Chandrasekaran posted in Revenue Growth, Revenue Operations, Technology, Business Growth

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a powerful tool for businesses, allowing revenue and growth teams to understand their customers better and build stronger relationships. However, it's important to remember that the CRM data that you are using to make important decisions can't always be trusted. Here's why:  

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The importance of a sales data strategy for continued growth and scalability

4/4/22 9:36 AM / by Alice Chandrasekaran posted in Data Analytics, Business Growth

Growth is a team sport. Like all team sports, it is key to understand your players and focus them on the right places to win. Sharing from our experiences of transforming companies with Growth Data™, here are 3 ways a sales data strategy enables you to do just that.

Hint: It doesn't stop at building a sales pipeline. 

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7 Ways to Accelerate Revenue

10/5/21 9:13 AM / by Jennifer Aplin posted in Revenue Generation, Revenue Growth, Revenue Leaks, Business Growth, Infographic

Successful growth companies face revenue stalls and leaks. However, they are tricky to navigate.

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Sales Insights Crucial for Revenue Growth and Scalability

10/5/21 9:11 AM / by Alice Chandrasekaran posted in Revenue Growth, Revenue Acceleration, Business Growth, Infographic

Are you a founder or a sales leader of a rapidly growing company?

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Why Your Revenue Stalled -- and What to Do Next

4/16/21 9:58 AM / by Jennifer Aplin posted in Revenue Growth, Data, Revenue Leaks, Business Strategy, Revenue Acceleration, Business Growth

When revenue stalls in a multi-million-dollar company, it produces a unique form of stress for the C-suite. It’s the confusion, worry, and frustration of the success-turned-stall-story. Why do companies with the wherewithal to build themselves to such a size suddenly run out of gas? And where is their restart?

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