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Digital Magenta Unveils the Growth Data™ Framework

3/22/21 4:50 PM / by Jennifer Aplin

Proprietary Program Targets Revenue and Productivity Acceleration


Digital Magenta Inc., a consultancy specializing in unlocking the right data for revenue and productivity acceleration, is unveiling their Growth Data™ platform. Setting a new standard for how data can specifically drive revenue, it will support companies in leveraging the strong economic rebound on the horizon.

“This is the difference that the Growth Data™ Framework makes: a client recently voiced how glad they were to have begun this initiative before the downturn, because now they’re on track to exceed their pre-pandemic revenue goals,” says Digital Magenta CEO Jennifer Aplin. “Research published by Harvard Business Review shows that companies that succeed after recessions reduce costs specifically through operational efficiency. There has never been a more urgent time to leverage the right data for enhancing efficiency and, above all else, profitability.” 

The Growth Data™ Framework service offering was born from infusing business strategy expertise with leading-edge data science thinking. It provides intelligence across the whole revenue generation spectrum, aligning an entire organization around the specific actions that will drive revenue.

Gartner reports the average annual cost of poor-quality data is $15 million per company. As companies acquire unaligned layers of technology, people, and processes, one typical outcome is poor-quality—which is to say, fundamentally un-actionable—data. The Growth Data™ platform, by contrast, provides leading indicators that illuminate future outcomes and inform strategic targets.

“Most teams are operating in data silos or with very limited access to actionable data. We have seen this in companies ranging from 5 million to a billion in revenue,” explains Digital Magenta Chief Intelligence Officer Alice Chandrasekaran. “Typically, even companies that have invested heavily into ‘digital transformation’ aren’t able to answer questions that drive growth: ‘Which specific cross-functional activities drive revenue? How do opportunities become customers?’ We set our clients up so their data can be actioned and these questions can be answered.” 

Digital Magenta supports clients such as Titan, an environmental and construction company. Titan CEO, Brett Burkard, says “This framework enables us to understand exactly which key activities across departments would help us drive high revenue-generating deals -- and eliminate costly revenue leaks. We are on track for significant growth coming out of this downturn.”

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About Digital Magenta Inc., The Growth Data People™ 

We are a revenue growth consulting firm. Our team of experts help B2B companies maximize their revenue potential and build a competitive advantage by setting a data-informed foundation to reach their next revenue milestone with our proprietary Growth Data™ Framework. 

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Jennifer Aplin

Written by Jennifer Aplin

Jennifer is our CEO and lead Business Strategist. She is a highly experienced, process-oriented business executive. She fluidly integrates her data science-informed perspective with revenue-driving business strategies.