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4 Ways a Data-First Strategy Accelerates Revenue

5/3/21 11:25 AM / by Jennifer Aplin posted in Revenue Growth, Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Analytics, Business Strategy

There’s treating the data you need to reach your goals like an afterthought. And then there’s the data-first approach. The former is typically unstructured, unsystematic, and unstrategic. The latter is focused— and above all else, geared towards producing an organization’s desired outcomes by giving leaders the data they need to drive growth.

How does the unstructured approach manifest organizationally? We think of the marketing leader who is unable to identify whether the last $100,000K campaign investment resulted in paying customers. We think of the sales leader who has insufficient leads despite the fact that their CRM/marketing system holds thousands of industry contacts. We think of the CEO who acutely needs to grow revenue but knows that sales forecasting is completely unreliable.

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Why Your Revenue Stalled -- and What to Do Next

4/16/21 9:58 AM / by Jennifer Aplin posted in Revenue Growth, Data, Revenue Leaks, Business Strategy, Revenue Acceleration, Business Growth

When revenue stalls in a multi-million-dollar company, it produces a unique form of stress for the C-suite. It’s the confusion, worry, and frustration of the success-turned-stall-story. Why do companies with the wherewithal to build themselves to such a size suddenly run out of gas? And where is their restart?

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Digital Magenta Unveils the Growth Data™ Framework

3/22/21 4:50 PM / by Jennifer Aplin posted in Revenue Growth, Data, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Strategy, Productivity Acceleration

Proprietary Program Targets Revenue and Productivity Acceleration

Digital Magenta Inc., a consultancy specializing in unlocking the right data for revenue and productivity acceleration, is unveiling their Growth Data™ platform. Setting a new standard for how data can specifically drive revenue, it will support companies in leveraging the strong economic rebound on the horizon.

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