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You have ambitious growth goals and the mindset to match - let's help you accelerate, faster. You realize that what got you to this level of growth won't get you to your next milestone. That milestone could be revenue growth, increased profitability, or preparing for a cash-rich exit. If this sounds like you, now is the time to begin modernizing your revenue operations. 

Clients have plugged millions in revenue leaks, increased revenue by 100%+, and achieved higher valuations with our proven framework. Our experts have been walking this road for a combined 30+ years, our framework will guide you to your next level of success. 

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Phase 1 - Identify

Revenue Analysis + Engine Blueprint


What you get:

  • Understanding of your revenue funnel health
  • A customized revenue engine blueprint and executive briefing
  • Revenue leaks identified and prioritized 
  • Benchmark of your revenue levers 
  • Revenue operations processes, data and technology gaps
  • Clarity about where to start to maximize your revenue potential and build your engine

Phase 2 - Optimize 

Architecting Your Revenue Engine


What you get:

  • Detailed revenue engine project plan 
  • Facilitation to design your revenue lifecycle architecture and data strategy aligned to your growth strategies
  • Understanding how to pull your revenue levers 
  • Clarity about the strategies and activities that move your business forward 
  • Accountability across your revenue-focused teams



Phase 3 - Accelerate 

Operationalizing Your Revenue Engine 


What you get:

  • Real-time sales forecasting and pipeline health achieved 
  • High-performing growth strategies are prioritized and revenue-producing KPIs set
  • Access to leading indicators for informed decision making
  • Insights emerge to establish stretch revenue milestones and activities required to reach your goals
  • Intelligence that becomes your ongoing  competitive advantage
  • Continued optimization to plug new revenue leaks and inform strategies as you scale 

The sales team is a lot more scalable as everyone is playing with the same deck of cards. Everyone is now using the same tools and processes. We have a streamlined and defined sales pipeline with consistent deal stages and deal status. We can now bring on someone and have them work off the same playbook. We have a sales process that senior leadership can look at and see how everyone is performing.

Our systems are streamlined and automated, particularly on the back end. The interaction between the Account Executive and the Business Development rep is much better defined. This keeps people aligned and gives us the ability to scale.

Ben Glacier

Ben Oldale, Sales Executive, Glacier Communications

Digital Magenta is a great team to work with; they’re very responsive and cooperative. They were able to adapt plans to suit our needs and many moving parts. They’re a multi-faceted team drawing on expertise that clearly shines.

We now have the right technology stack in place, as well as clear processes across the entire customer lifecycle. The roll-out of sales and marketing tools would have been very difficult without Digital Magenta’s involvement. They brought the data expertise to the table that we simply did not have.


Chantal Lambert, Head of Marketing, Environmental and Construction 

This framework enables us to understand exactly which key activities across departments would help us drive high revenue-generating deals -- and eliminate costly revenue leaks. We are on track for significant growth coming out of this downturn.

Brett Burkard, CEO, Titan Environmental Containment

More and more I see how important visibility and data is for our growth. As our teams keep growing, we will see an even greater benefit which will in turn help manage our teams and help with making important decisions.


Juice Lambert, President, Titan Environmental Containment

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