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Building a Growth Data™ Platform

We help companies at all stages leverage the right data for driving revenue and accelerating productivity. Building a Growth Data™ platform begins with gaining transformative clarity about how revenue is truly generated in your company. From that point, we support you in implementing growth plans, integrating new technologies & processes, and investing into team capabilities. Step by step, you can achieve mastery over the kind of data that gives you fast scaling, focused teamwork, and the confidence to invest in high growth efforts. 

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Phase 1

Growth Data™ Development Plan

We create a plan to help you leverage the right data for accelerating growth and productivity.


  • Understand  how revenue leaks are impacting your growth
  • Identify data sources and opportunities to transform processes
  • Regain strategic focus


Phase 2

Growth Data™ Deployment 

We build the platform that allows the data that guides revenue growth to flow throughout the organization. You get expert support from data scientists and business strategists every step of the way. 


  • Drive revenue growth 
  • Mitigate revenue leaks 
  • Unite teams around data-driven growth strategies
  • Access data to grow and scale

Phase 3

Growth Data™ Managed Service 

We provide long-term support for your revenue-generating process by helping ensure your business is leveraging its data as effectively as possible.


  • Leverage a rare combination of deep data analytics, technology-informed thinking, and strategic intelligence
  • Use data as your secret weapon to scale intelligently
  • Detect and mitigate new gaps in your operations

Digital Magenta is a great team to work with; they’re very responsive and cooperative. They were able to adapt plans to suit our needs and many moving parts. They’re a multi-faceted team drawing on expertise that clearly shines.

We now have the right technology stack in place, as well as clear processes across the entire customer lifecycle. The roll-out of sales and marketing tools would have been very difficult without Digital Magenta’s involvement. They brought the data expertise to the table that we simply did not have.


Chantal Lambert, Head of Marketing, Environmental and Construction 

This platform enables us to understand exactly which key activities across departments would help us drive high revenue generating deals -- and eliminate costly revenue leaks. We are on track for significant growth coming out of this downturn.

Brett Burkard, CEO, Environmental and Construction

The sales team is a lot more scalable as everyone is playing with the same deck of cards. Everyone is now using the same tools and process. We have a streamlined and defined sales pipeline with consistent deal stages and deal status. We can now bring on someone and have them work off the same playbook. We have a sales process that senior leadership can look at and see how everyone is performing. Our systems are streamlined and automated, particularly on the back end. The interaction between the AE and the Business Development rep is much better defined. This keeps people aligned and gives us the ability to scale.

Ben Glacier

Ben Oldale, Sales Executive, Professional Services

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