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Can you Scale by Creating a High-Performing Sales Team?

1/7/22 4:22 PM / by Alice Chandrasekaran

What comes to mind when you say high-performing sales teams? According to this recent article by Forbes, high-performance sales teams aren't just defined by the year-over-year revenue gains and profitability. Rather, they share fundamental characteristics beyond their performance metrics.  Here are the top 4 listed and that really resonated with me:

  • Appreciation for the big picture
  • Focused on goals and quotas
  • Self-leading and self-motivating
  • Competent, capable, and follow set sales process (compliant)

Here are the top traits we see from a data-lens of a high performing team

  • Sales strategies, supported by data to pull the right levers
  • Defined sales processes
  • Adoption of set sales processes
  • Data utilized to monitor and plug revenue leaks

All the above enables scaling, allows to pull the right levers for growth resulting in revenue growth ultimately, reduced team ramp-up times to achieving revenue goals, and provides all members of the sales team with the same deck of cards maximizing chances of winning.

Get started by leveraging the revenue scorecard of high-performing sales teams.


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Alice Chandrasekaran

Written by Alice Chandrasekaran

A strategic, data-driven revops leader with 20+ years of experience in marketing, digital, sales, and data. Alice has helped several companies step out of their revenue plateau and achieve predictable growth using our proprietary framework.