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Navigating Modern Marketing 

1/16/18 4:22 PM / by Jennifer Aplin

Jenifer Turner and Alice Chandrasekaran CoFounders at Digital Magenta

Marketing in the Digital Age

There has been tremendous change in the marketing world over the past five to ten years. Everything now begins with a search as buyers turn to online sources to find the information they need to make decisions. At the same time, there has been an influx of new technology for marketing in the digital age. This can be very complicated to navigate but there is good news!

We live in a time where everything can be measured, time consuming tasks can be automated and being in touch with our customers can ensure we understand the best way to help them by offering the information they need, through the mediums they want to receive it. We can create meaningful, two way relationships with the people we service, creating more value than ever before. 

So how do you adapt to be successful in the current marketing landscape? We have lived and worked through these changes and have created a way to help you succeed. We help companies navigate marketing in the digital age, so they can meet their customers in the right places. 

Meet Digital Magenta Inc. 

We are entrepreneurs and B2B marketing experts who have both spent our careers working with global technology companies, where we have had the luxury of being on top of the latest global marketing trends. As we watched the marketing field evolve, our passion for helping people sparked the idea that we could take our combined 30+ years of unique experience to help other companies modernize their marketing approach.  We knew that was our undeniable path.  

The Struggle is Real 

As we talked to business owners and leaders about our services, we realized that so many companies were struggling to see a return from their marketing with the rapid change in how companies get discovered.  It flowed from the drastic shift in people going online to look for information about their purchase decisions, instead of picking up the phone to talk to someone. In fact, many leading consultancies predict that by 2020, 80% of buying decisions will be conducted online.  

Opposites Attract 

My business partner Alice and I come from two completely different backgrounds and our combined skill set is proof that opposites attract. For a few years, we were both working for an organization that paired us together to implement HubSpot and we realized how valuable our combined skills were in figuring out how to maximize marketing automation to make informed decisions, show results and manage the many priorities we were in charge of. 

We pair technical & analytical know how with strategic marketing ability to help clients apply technology to their sales and marketing programs to sell and market smarter.  

Our Growth Marketing Approach 

The model below demonstrates the crucial pieces required to kick your growth marketing approach into high gear. Pairing the right strategy with tools to automate activities and provide visibility into each marketing dollar spent, you can begin to make better decisions with your precious marketing budget. These decisions will help you attract more of your ideal prospects to your website and turn them into customers, putting you in a position to grow. 


Using HubSpot to Power Growth Marketing

One of our first priorities as a business was becoming a HubSpot partner, which we did in 2016. It was important to align our services with the platform that had become so crucial to our work. We had experience with other marketing automation tools, but we fell in love with HubSpot because it is the perfect tool for companies with small marketing teams that need visibility into what they are doing so they can make better decisions. It's a tool that simplifies day to day work for the people wearing multiple hats and helps to make every marketing activity and investment more effective. It provides tools to attract more online visitors, generate higher quality leads and close more sales. 

Helping to Navigate Marketing in the Digital Age 

We work with companies that have growth goals, want visibility into their marketing efforts and require the business and technical skills to create efficiencies so they can do more with less. If you say "yes" to any of the below questions, we can help! 

  • Do you need a new marketing strategy that helps to grow your business? 
  • Are you considering how to apply technology to your marketing and sales programs? 
  • Are you thinking about a website that establishes your online presence and powers growth?
  • Do you want to grow with a specific set of ideal customers? 
  • Do you need help to better understand what parts of your marketing strategy are driving revenue?
  • Can you use help optimizing HubSpot or with training for your team? 

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Jennifer Aplin

Written by Jennifer Aplin

Jennifer is our CEO and lead Business Strategist. She is a highly experienced, process-oriented business executive. She fluidly integrates her data science-informed perspective with revenue-driving business strategies.