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A Guide To Scaling Revenue: Using Data To Plug Leaks

2/24/22 9:09 AM / by Digital Magenta

Two million annually — that's a rough estimate of how much money your company could leave on the table if there's misalignment within the organization. 

And it's all due to revenue leaks.

Like a ship crew rowing as fast as possible but never time to look up and see that the ship is sinking, your sales team could be putting all of their efforts into prospecting without realizing that viable opportunities are stagnating in the pipeline.

In our appearance on The B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast, Jennifer Aplin, CEO and Co-Founder at Digital Magenta Inc., discusses fixing revenue leaks, the importance of data and scaling your business. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Plugging leaks and uncovering data in businesses 
  • The importance of data
  • Jennifer's journey with Digital Magenta and what's next
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Topics: Revenue Growth, Data, Revenue Leaks, Growth Data™

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Founders Jennifer and Alice have supported their tech and service company clients across North America in generating millions of dollars, uniting their teams, and transforming their decision-making processes. They do this by enabling companies to harness the Growth Data that points the way to predictable growth.