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Sales, Marketing, Finance: The Trifecta to Stop Leaking Revenue

8/28/20 1:01 PM / by Digital Magenta posted in Revenue Leaks, Revenue Operations

Revenue is oxygen for any business, you wouldn’t knowingly let any leak through the cracks… but what about the leaks you don’t know about? Listen to our panelists in-depth discussion on the 5 common revenue leaks costing businesses millions of dollars a year. You’ll learn how to identify and communicate them and gain powerful insight and alignment across your organization. Learn how these fixes can improve forecasting accuracy, team efficiency and enable you to scale quicker and smarter.

SPEAKERS: Jennifer Turner (CEO, Digital Magenta), Alice Chandrasekaran (CIO, Digital Magenta), and Bree Hanson (Business Development, Burkland)

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Overcoming The BIG 5 REVENUE Leaks In Your 2020 Strategic Growth Plan

8/28/20 1:00 PM / by Digital Magenta posted in Revenue Growth, Revenue Leaks

There is a missing link that you need to know about for your growth plans. This is a multi-million dollar issue that will stifle your growth and prevent you from accelerating. It’s also preventing you from attracting and retaining top-shelf marketing and sales talent you need to bring you into your next level of growth. Listen to the powerful information shared in this webinar that you can use to incorporate into your plans today.

SPEAKERS: Jennifer Turner (CEO, Digital Magenta) & Alice Chandrasekaran (CIO, Digital Magenta)

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