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How to Improve Your Sales Process and Increase Revenue Using Data and Intuition

6/10/22 1:05 PM / by Digital Magenta

As your company grows and starts adding new team members, it's important that there's agreement and alignment on how they drive revenue.

It comes down to gaining clarity on your sales process: from attracting the business to retaining it.

To meet and exceed your revenue goals, you'll need to capture top performer intuition and your unique revenue drivers - win rate, average deal size, time to land and sign a contract, and the key meetings that help your team get to revenue.

In our appearance on the Construction Genuis podcast, Jennifer Aplin, CEO and Co-Founder at Digital Magenta Inc., and Alice Chandrasekaran, Co-Founder and Chief Intelligence Officer discuss how to capture, leverage, and scale your top performers' intuition. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Ways to improve your sales process
  • The importance of data and capturing intuition
  • Key performance indicators vs. leading indicators

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Topics: Revenue Growth, Data, Revenue Leaks, Growth Data™

Digital Magenta

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Founders Jennifer and Alice have supported their tech and service company clients across North America in generating millions of dollars, uniting their teams, and transforming their decision-making processes. They do this by enabling companies to harness the Growth Data that points the way to predictable growth.