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Predictable Revenue Podcast: How Data Powers Growth

10/5/21 10:08 AM / by Jennifer Aplin

Are you in scale-up mode?  Learn about an innovative way to plug revenue leaks while ensuring you are investing in the right areas along the way. Our founders Jennifer and Alice recently made an appearance on the Predictable Revenue podcast. They cover: 

  1. Why successful companies face revenue leaks and stalls 
  2. How to maximize investment in the right revenue drivers as you scale 
  3. Steps you can take to start building  a framework for efficient, leak-proof growth
  4. Practical advice from companies that have doubled their revenues   

Are you ready to scale your revenue by 30% or more?  We've designed an eBook for revenue leaders who have goals to break through to their next level of growth. It's a handy resource that covers all the essential building blocks that are required to scale efficiently. 


You can also read about it on the Predictable revenue blog.

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Topics: Revenue Growth, Revenue Leaks, Growth Data™, Revenue Operations, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics

Jennifer Aplin

Hosted by Jennifer Aplin

Jennifer is our CEO and lead Business Strategist. She is a highly experienced, process-oriented business executive. She fluidly integrates her data science-informed perspective with revenue-driving business strategies.