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You know traditional channels of driving revenue and managing teams are hopelessly obsolete. Yet despite your best efforts to become data-driven, revenue and productivity lag. In fact, Gartner reports 54% of leaders surveyed are disappointed with the results of their investment into analytics. They have lots of data, but it's "poor quality", not the kind that reveals what everyone in the organization must do to drive revenue. With the average cost of poor-quality data per organization equalling $15 million, they- and you- are in an increasingly dangerous position.

The Right Data Drives Revenue

Harnessing the Right Data to Accelerate Revenue finally solves the mystery of why growth remains elusive despite investments into "digital transformation". More importantly, it outlines how to leverage a Growth Data™ platform for understanding what drives revenue in your company and aligning your entire organization around doing what works. Learn:  

  • How best-in-class companies invest into data
  • How the "chasm of complexity" holds companies back
  • How the right data accelerates revenue & teams



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About Digital Magenta Inc.

The Growth Data People™

Digital Magenta is the first consultancy to specialize in unlocking the right data for revenue and productivity acceleration. Their Growth Data™ platform sets an unprecedented standard for how data can specifically drive revenue. It identifies cross-functional revenue-driving activities, visualizes real-time data targeted for growth decisions, and allows companies to scale through automation. This platform has enabled companies to break through plateaus, double their revenues, and exceed revenue goals even during a severe economic downturn.

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