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Creating alignment between your strategy, processes and people


Creating alignment between your strategy, processes and people

Are you ready to modernize your marketing approach? 

We develop the right plan and strategy for your business so you get the most out of your marketing programs. We work as an extension of your team, bringing a unique combination of the business, strategy, technical and analytical skills that are required to support the growth executive leaders expect their teams to drive and the expertise to help marketing teams deliver that growth. 

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Digital Magenta Growth Platform™

Putting together the enterprise growth puzzle 


Growth Plan 

We help you to align marketing content and technology with the buyer’s journey to optimize performance and measurability of all future lead generation campaigns.

  • Ideal buying scenario
  • Content & marketing plan
  • Campaign progress

Team Capability  

A close look at your organizational structure, responsibilities and skills. Learn how to optimize efficiency and performance of your in-house team.

  • Organizational structure
  • Team responsibilities
  • Maximize team efficiencies and performance

Technology Plan

Recommendations on how to automate and measure the performance of your content strategy, campaigns and sales process.

  • Sales process & alignment
  • Technology stack
  • Integrations plan

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Align your sales process with your content strategy to ensure a smooth handoff from marketing to sales and maximum ROI on marketing investments.

  • Lead flow and process
  • Service level agreements between teams
  • Closed loop reporting for ROI

Working Together

Once we agree to work together, a typical engagement follows the following phases to help you reach your goals

We perform an audit to understand your current marketing and sales processes along with your technology infrastructure
Our process ensures your  marketing plan reflects your business objectives and creates alignment between sales and marketing teams
We train your sales & marketing team to execute efficiently on your strategy, empowering them to drive growth over time 
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