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Uncover & Accelerate Revenue  

The missing link for companies looking to achieve enhanced revenue growth lies between significant technology investments, programs, processes, and the expectations of the teams using them.  The misalignment between teams and their technology is a major factor in lost revenue and causes unreliable data. We help connect the dots and build a system to scale your growth efforts while maintaining control of your most valuable resources - people and data. 

The Digital Magenta Advantage

Depth. Data. Integration. 

When you work with us, you are getting integrated expertise in strategic marketing, sales alignment, technology stacks, automation and data analytics. We provide a blueprint to scale sales and marketing then show you how to leverage data to consistently accelerate results.  Our three phase system will help your company modernize its sales and marketing approach to break out of revenue plateaus and unleash rapid growth.


Identify a plan that reveals the BIG 5 revenue leaks and receive a detailed blueprint to mitigate revenue leakage while driving rapid growth in the short & long term.


Leverage immediate wins and implement integrated growth plans so you are revving up cash flow in the short term and building major competitive advantage over the long term.


Our unique IP and leadership leverage data and analytical insights so you can make no-regret decisions and pull the right growth levers at the right time. 

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