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Strategic Consulting for B2B Enterprises in the Digital Age



Strategic Consulting for B2B Enterprises in the Digital Age


Strategy. Technology. Training.

Are you curious about applying technology to your marketing and sales programs to improve results? 

Digital Magenta's unique growth marketing approach starts by working with you to develop your strategy. We help you to put your plan into action using the right technologies and offer training courses that empower your team and grow your company's capabilities internally. Learning how to automate activities and measure every marketing dollar spent puts you in a power position to attract more of the right prospects to your website and turn them into long term customers.

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Navigating Growth Marketing

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Marketing has become a complex topic with the influx of new channels and technology combined with consumers' ability to take control of their buying processes. How do your customers now go about making purchase decisions? Who is involved in those decisions? How much money should you allocate to marketing? What tools are the most effective? How do you create alignment across your sales and marketing teams? How do you measure and connect marketing spend to revenue?


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Digital Magenta is a marketing & technology consulting company passionate about helping you answer these questions. We are a results oriented team that partners with you to help navigate the complicated and ever-changing landscape of marketing. We offer insightful leadership and interactive training to ensure you have the right combination of thoughtful strategy, the right technology and team capabilities to achieve measurable outcomes. 


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We work with B2B companies to build a modernized sales & marketing approach by understanding your current processes, developing unique strategies to grow your business and implement the sales and marketing tools needed to execute efficiently & measure success. Stop wasting funds and start focusing on the  programs that will generate revenue and support your business growth.

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