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Uncover your Fastest Path to Revenue in 2022

Best in class companies have one thing in common: they use their data as a competitive advantage to achieve growth

Let's not ignore the shift to remote selling, 68% of sales leaders have said they plan to implement a hybrid or fully remote sales model and this trend is not going away! This is going to be a competitive advantage for you, and there is one thing that will determine your success - - are you measuring the right data and using that data to have the right conversations?

If you don’t have a data strategy, you are not playing to win. Companies that leverage data continuously put themselves ahead of their competition and win business. If you are a revenue leader that wants to lead with clarity, innovation, and a strategic roadmap to achieve revenue targets, this webinar is for you.

You will learn:

> Why a “Moneyball” strategy sets you up to win

> How revenue is leaking in your sales process

> Your fastest path to revenue wins in 2022

> What revenue levers are and how understanding them accelerates sales

Who would benefit?

  • CEO's or CRO's who are looking for strategies to grow or scale 

  • Growth leaders who rely on data to ensure success cross-functionally 

  • Sales leaders who are charged with shifting to remote sales teams and reduce churn
  • Sales leaders who need innovative ways to meet and exceed their targets

Speaker Bios


Jennifer Aplin

Jennifer is a B2B revenue growth leader with 20+ years of experience working with B2B tech, product, and service firms. She leads our organization to help our clients integrate innovative growth strategies that accelerate revenue growth. 


Alice Chandrasekaran

Alice is a data & analytics expert with 15+ year's experience working with sales & marketing teams at B2B tech and services firms. She leads our team of business and data strategists who guide our clients through a transformation that helps them use data strategically to plug multi-millions in revenue leaks and significantly accelerate revenue growth.

Laura - about us

Laura Haynes
VP Growth

Laura is an experienced sales leader with a successful history of leading high-performance sales teams, growing revenue, and transforming the organizations she works with.  She brings 25+ years of experience, having led the sales team at Ceridian.


Tim Cheung
Director of Operations

Tim is a seasoned digital expert with a background spanning Product Management, Operations, and Project Delivery. Having worked his entire career in the digital space where data is readily accessible, he has an acute understanding of the benefits of data-driven growth strategies and client needs across industries.

Growth Partners for Your Competitive Edge

We are a team of experts who help B2B companies maximize their revenue potential by plugging millions in revenue leaks and optimizing processes across your revenue operations with our proprietary Growth Data™ Framework.

This framework enables us to understand exactly which key activities across departments would help us drive high revenue-generating deals -- and eliminate costly revenue leaks. We are on track for significant growth coming out of this downturn.

Brett Burkard, CEO, Titan Environmental Containment

 We grew significantly despite not being able to attend sales events by plugging revenue leaks in our sales process, shifting to digital sales & marketing strategies, and focusing on creating a systematized growth machine with Digital Magenta.

Chantal Lambert, Head of Marketing, Titan Environmental Containment

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