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Growth Intelligence Analyst

Why Digital Magenta?

Digital Magenta is the first consultancy to specialize in unlocking the right data for revenue growth. Because our approach is ground-breaking and effective-- resulting in plugging multimillion-dollar revenue leaks and significant increases to revenue for our clients-- we are growing quickly. We are looking for our next Growth Intelligence Analyst so we can continue to drive undeniable success stories. 

Our Growth Intelligence Analysts are skilled communicators and data analysts who engage with clients directly. They’re also motivated to be part of a lean and dynamic team that actually makes a tremendous difference for the companies we serve. Are you looking to drive real tangible impacts to the teams and clients you work with? Does working at the intersection of business strategy and data science where you can connect data insights directly to results excite you? If yes, you have to read on!

Position Description & Summary

Joining as a Growth Intelligence Analyst will provide you with the opportunity to combine consulting and complex problem solving with data. We use a proprietary data-first approach to holistically analyze our client’s revenue operations; define, visualize, and operationalize their key data points; and set a new standard for how data can specifically drive revenue and set companies up to scale.

What you will do and create

  • Lead client engagements largely focused on
    • Facilitating client sessions to define and align on key leading indicators and data points that can inform growth
    • Implementing changes and updates to client sales and marketing technology to support the collection and visualization of key data points
    • Analyzing and educating clients on data insights to support them with implementing innovative growth strategies
    • Helping client teams adopt new processes and understand the value of the data being collected
    • Helping clients automate, not just key business processes and but also data points
  • Lead business development initiatives largely focused on
    • Conducting client interviews with revenue leaders to understand their revenue operating model
    • Analyzing technology capabilities against a business’ data needs to determine if they will be supported in their growth goals
    • Synthesizing and presenting insights to support creating a roadmap for the business to scale
  • Be actively involved in supporting internal marketing initiatives to help educate prospective clients about our proprietary solution
  • Contribute towards product innovation to address the market evolution 
  • Identify opportunities to improve profitability

What you will bring to the team

  • A curiosity and desire to learn more about data and digital tools; an openness to working in an agile, flexible environment
  • A demonstrated commitment to building, maintaining and working in a team environment that is transparent and innovative
  • A demonstrated leadership experience with an ability to work on several ongoing initiatives including  multiple client engagements, business development and marketing initiatives
  • Experience solving complex problems with a team, with an emphasis on 
    • Researching and analyzing information to address ambiguities
    • Integrating data into marketing and sales processes
    • Leveraging existing technology to collect and visualize key data
  • Experience consulting or advising executive-level clients, with a specific focus on the ability to
    • Break down and articulate complex concepts and approaches in various mediums (written, verbal, visual)
    • Communicate the meaning of data insights to client stakeholders, tying findings between tech, data and business objectives
    • Align stakeholders to the benefits and outcomes of Growth Data™
  • Experience developing and executing on data strategies and roadmaps for clients, with a specific focus on marketing and sales processes, such as:
    • Customer lifecycle and opportunity stages
    • Lead handoff
    • Lead score
    • Conversion paths
    • Sales forecasting
  • Experience working with CRM technologies such as HubSpot and Salesforce, in particular:
    • Configuring custom fields 
    • Building complex workflows
    • Building custom reports
  • Sales experience is an asset
  • An engineering background is considered an asset
  • Javascript and or python coding experience is an asset

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By applying to this job you will be assessed against the Digital Magenta standard. We’ve designed these standards to provide our clients with a consistent and exceptional Digital Magenta experience.


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About Digital Magenta Inc., The Growth Data People™ 

Digital Magenta is the first consultancy to specialize in unlocking the right data for revenue and productivity acceleration. Their Growth Data™ platform sets an unprecedented standard for how data can specifically drive revenue. It identifies cross-functional revenue-driving activities, visualizes real-time data targeted for growth decisions, and allows companies to scale through automation. This program has enabled companies to break through plateaus, double their revenues, and exceed revenue goals even during a severe economic downturn.


We Look Forward to Connecting 

We Look Forward to Connecting 

We are experts in using data to drive rapid growth. Whether your revenue has stalled out or you are scaling fast, harnessing Growth Data will ensure your profitable growth. We would love to discuss your growth plans and goals. Reach out today.


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